The FAXFIREWALL™ is a great device that allows you to control your incoming faxes and stop unwanted faxes that waste your paper and toner.

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FAXFIEWALL™ Features :

Fax Screening: This feature allows you to determine which calls you will let ring through to your Fax Machine. All phone numbers and/or names that are saved as "suppressed" are routed to the answering machine port and your Fax will not even see the call. You can choose from the following 3 preprogrammed screening modes.

  1. Off: only the numbers that have been saved to be "suppressed", will be screened in this mode - all other calls will ring through to the fax machine.
  2. Simple: All calls labeled "OUT OF AREA" with no number, and calls labeled PRIVATE with no phone number will be automatically routed to the answering machine port. Calls displayed as "Unknown Name" without a number are not automatically suppressed in this screening mode, however "Unknown Name" can be added to your personal database for screening.
  3. Database: In this mode the FAXFIREWALL™ will only allow calls marked as "accepted" through to your fax machine, all other calls will be ignored. "Accepted" call records are of the type that have been saved with the port routing for the PHONE port.

Caller ID: Acts as a standard Caller ID tracking all incoming and outgoing calls. the unit will register all calls to the display - even the ones you are screening. Requires the subscription of Caller ID service provided by your telecommunications provider.

Screen Timer: Allows you to set the FAXFIREWALL™ to screen calls during a designated period of time each day. This feature works well for the overnight time frame - the busiest time for junk fax transmissions.

Personal Database: Create a personal database utilizing all outgoing and incoming calls. The FAXFIREWALL™ will use this database in order to determine if a fax call is to be Accepted or Screened each time a new call is received.

Easy To Read Display: The unit is equipped with a large back lighted display. Readable in very low light conditions.

Easy To Use Device: Easy to set up and Screen (or accept) any type of call that you want.

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