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Remote Receiver

The Remote Receiver allows additional wired phones on the telephone line to have the same functionality as the phone connected directly to the Person-To-Person® console. Each phone equipped with a Remote Receiver will have controlled ringing. Wired phones not equipped witha Remote Receiver will need the ringer to be turned off. Note: Remote Receivers are only needed if the P2P main console is not installed at the DMark or at the VOIP modem phone jack.

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Remote Receiver Features:

Call Routing
Allows you to attach the Person-to-Person® Remote Receiver to any phone on the same line and route calls to only that phone while keeping the other phones silent. Terrific for home based businesses and children’s phone extensions. Works only with the phones connected to the line via a phone jack. Each phone connected to a receiver can have an individual answering machine in place to handle person specific messages.
The Person-to-Person® unit can handle up to 4 receivers.
Routing Override
Any phone can be answered even when a call is routed to a particular phone.

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