Product Support

Product Support

Our Product support is dedicated to give you the best help and information about the interceptor ID® products. The Support section is divided into several categories Technical Support that is help and technical information about the products. Frequently asked questions are common questions ask by people that are wondering about the product or are considering buying the product.

Product Support Links

For Technical Help and support

Technical Support helps you find solutions to your problems with Interceptor ID products

  • For Technical Support. The Technical Support section is where you can find help with the Interceptor ID® products you own. This section contains all the help and information to help you make your Interceptor ID® products work best for you and help you with any problems you might have encountered.

  • For the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base section is a database with all the tech and Customer Service information about the product. The knowledge Base allows you search the questions that others have asked before you and see the answers they have received chances are you can find your answers here, Also if your question is not here then you can ask it and it will be answered buy our tech or Customer Service departments quickly.

  • Also check our Forums for answers to your questions and discussion about our products.

For Customer Help and Support

To find out if an Interceptor ID product will solve your telephone privacy needs

  • Contact Customer Service for information about the product. The Customer Service section is where you can find information about contacting our live support department. The support department can provide support and information on buying Interceptor ID® products or information on the status of your orders from person-to-person.net and faxfirewall.net Click Here

  • Check Out Pre-Purchase F.A.Q. for information about the product .The Frequently asked Questions section is where you can find information about the product that will help you decide if the Interceptor ID® products will do what you want them to do and if they will work best for you. (Note: This is not intended for technical support) Click Here


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