The Frequently asked Questions section is where you can find information about the product that will help you decide if the Interceptor ID® products will do what you want them to do and if they will work best for you. (NOTE: this is not for tech support)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: will this product stop the telemarketers from calling me?
    Answer: Yes, this product uses the Caller ID information to allow you to set only calls that you want to ring your phone.
  2. Question Do I have to have caller ID service.
    Answer. Yes, this device reads the caller ID information to allow it to work. With out the caller ID server you Interceptor ID® product cannot function.
  3. Question: Will this device work with Vonage® and other VOIP server providers?
    Answer: Yes, this device works with VOIP services however you will need a DSL filter on your phone line.
  4. Question: What Interceptor ID products do I need to stop unwanted calls?
    Answer: You need a Person-To-Person Unit and one Remote Receiver per extra phone. Say you have 4 phones in a house, one in the family room, one in the kitten, one in you bedroom and one in your kids room. Then you would need one Person-To-Person Unit and 3 Remote Receivers. The Kitten, your bedroom, and your kids bedroom phones should each be connected to Remote Receivers and the Family room should be connected to the Person-To-Person Unit.




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